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My name is Virginie Levine, and I live in sunny Los Angeles since 2006. I specialize in both newborn and mommy care after birth. I have 25 years combined of teaching and caring for children from birth to teen years. These last 15 years, I serviced and traveled with families around the world, which revealed genuine skills and capacities to understand both anxious parents and newborn and infants' needs.


From the essence of my work, emerged Mothering the Family I created in 2012. The title translates my soul signature perfectly. It integrates my background training in art, music and dance; spiritual practice in energy and holistic healing, conscious living, meditation and yoga, the continuum concept, respectful parenting, and non-violent communication. 


Since 2014 and in parallel to my postpartum and newborn care counseling support, I recruited nannies for my clients whom I coached to ensure the child a gentle and respectful transition. From these years, I created my training model based on the experience of the six senses, the communion between the heart and the mind to allow parents and professionals to discover their authentic presence with children.

Discovering "La Magie de L’Instant"

Welcoming baby home after birth brings great anticipation, anxiety, and readiness. Unleashing La Magie de L'Instant, is an exercise of being in the now, moment after moment, observing, listening with all your senses and awareness through the repetition of the day-to-day care. It deepens your bond with your baby at the same time provides you with genuine and suited resources in discovering parenthood. It becomes an art of living and parenting.

Your child becomes the focus of your attention and the best "teacher" of all. It is essential to approach parenthood as such. From birth, the sacred dyad parents and child enter this space of learning, becoming, transformation and growth together, in partnership, in equal exchange. At the start, we do for baby, and as she grows and acquires healthy independence, we do with her.


Discovering "La Magie de L'Instant"  is based on refined observation, listening, and adapting skills to better appreciate your newborn personality and needs, as well as learning how to deal with anxiety and accept the changes. Consequently, it offers an ability to enter in honest and genuine connection with self, partner, and your baby. Approaching the beginning of parenting with such respect, patience, and empathy fosters the family values that you ought to transmit to your child.


Coaching & Training 

Pregnant Couples - Workshops & City-Retreats

Discovering "La Magie de L'Instant" are designed for pregnant couples looking to experience their divinity as individuals and future parents. They are held in yoga studios. 

The workshops are to explore the present-moment thru the integration of the continuum concept movement, Khalsa Way prenatal partner yoga and meditation, pranayam (breathing), circle sharing and spiritual teachings. It heightens the senses and awareness for future parents to live in authenticity and integrate the positive and nurturing aptitudes so needed in parenting before welcoming baby home. Book online

Parents & Grand-Parents - In-Home Consultation 

Welcoming baby home generates overwhelming feelings of opposite excitement and anxiety for new parents. I consult in the comfort of your home to address all your questions or issues about newborn care routine, schedule, sleep, colic, reflux, swaddling techniques, kangaroo care, breast-feeding, bottle-feeding, and much more. My clients say that they are the hands-on progression of my prenatal workshops which goal are to develop patience, awareness, flow, and make of the present-moment the most positive and enjoyable caring experience for your baby and yourself. I intend to share precious time and offer suggestions and strategies, but not all, assist you in welcoming baby into the world in presence and kindness. Book online

Child Caregivers - Professional Training & Mentorship


The childcare industry becomes increasingly more demanding as parents and agencies raise their level of exigences. Obtaining the additional skills necessary to deepen your knowledge will help advance in your career, access incredible experiences, gain recognition and raise your level of income but most importantly give you resources to find freedom, ease, and kindle your passion for children.


Like any relationship, the connection you create with agencies, families and the children is one of the pillars in becoming a proficient communicator, even so, English as your second language.Ultimately, it all comes down to the simplest idea of becoming a very good human being to self and others, so we can serve by example, advocate for ourselves and foster positive behaviors to the children we are dedicated to.

Discovering "La Magie de L'Instant" in mentorship targets specifically childcare, birth and postpartum professionals who aim to elevate their standards in acquiring indispensable soft skills that integrates true presence in routine, high-pressure environment, competition, burnout, novices can alter the quality of their services, and in some cases wear off the passion, creativity and drive. "La Magie de L'Instant" will support one's design to a richer life experience internally and externally.

Convinced that the contemporary Nanny industry has sufficient room for an innovative and resourceful training program. We strongly believes the Nanny Agencies that raise their level to additional training and certification will be the industry leaders of the future. The Diamond Way Training Program will elevate the level of professionalism that will directly impact the Agencies’ status through their Nannies____Better pay, placements and richer life. Consequently, it will benefit our industry at large, and ultimately and most importantly the child and family. Book online



I do not have enough words to express my gratitude towards Virginie. She came to our house when our first child was 4 months old, to help us create a sleep routine and more globally to help us take care of our baby. Thanks to Virginie's extensive knowledge she has about babies, alternative educations, motherhood.

—  Camille Çaballe, Los Angeles, CA


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